Client Problems

Sankara Eye Foundation uses its fleet of buses and minivans for the daily commute of its patients and staff between the hospitals and the rural areas focused on its eye care initiatives. For years together, the logistics manager at Sankara used telephonic conversations with the drivers and manual trip sheets for conducting its eye camps and journeys. This led to:

  • Complete dependency on drivers for providing information about everything from vehicle location, trip status, driving hours and fuel costs.
  • Lack of organized trips led to delay in dropping the patients at the hospital.
  • Due to the false information provided by the drivers, Sankara faced inaccurate fuel costs and unnecessary overtime wages.
  • Additionally, with no means to track the distance traveled by the vehicles, they were unable to measure vehicle utilization which in turn led to wasted resources.
“Our major concern remained that we were at the liberty of outdated methods to manage our daily operations. We were in need of a system that offered us the convenience of an advanced platform without being complicated.”


Sankara Eye Foundation’s top priority is to eliminate all the manual errors and driver dependency by automating its tracking and dispatching process.

Seamless organizing of camps

Using Movefleet , Sankara creates daily trips by entering the journey details, the number of patients and staff to be dropped or picked up from a particular location and so much more. The logistics manager uses the tracking feature to monitor the vehicle status, trip progress and ensure that the patients reach on time.

Additionally, the logistics manager is able to accurately record fuel costs and driver allowance provided for multiple instances, including impress cash, food and overtime allowance.

Better cost management with data accuracy

Earlier, Sankara faced huge losses when drivers provided inaccurate information regarding working hours, fuel costs and other on-road expenses. Sankara now uses the Movefleet platform to verify the active hours of the driver and vehicle to provide accurate hourly wages and other allowances.

Where irregular maintenance reduced the vehicle productivity, Sankara uses Movefleet to schedule maintenance and improve engine condition to eliminate avoidable breakdowns.

The logistics manager is now in a better position to understand and evaluate expenses incurred for individual vehicles, trips and drivers using the analytical reports on the Movefleet platform.


With better visibility over its operations, Sankara now conducts smoother operations for its multiple medical camps across the country. With manual work now to a minimum, Sankara has brought in efficiency, increased productivity and better cost control, giving them the liberty to change the lives of millions through their services.

About Company

Sankara Eye Foundation is a non-profit organization founded with a mission to eradicate needless blindness. The foundation organizes eye care camps for its rural outreach initiative and conducts free surgeries through its nine hospitals established across seven states in India.

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