Client Problems

With a fleet of 35 trucks, NS Transport engages in multiple trips on a daily basis. Apart from its manual dispatching process, the company’s existing ERP solution helped in keeping a record of their fleet operations. However, with growing demand, they faced certain crucial challenges:

  • Inability to track the exact location of the fleet
  • Limited visibility over the spares and stocks availability and difficulty in managing the inventory across different warehouses.
  • Dependency on multiple, outdated systems for report management, communication and inventory management.


Adopting Movefleet into its operations, NS Transport can now consolidate its complex processes into a single platform.

Monitoring better with OBD device

With OBD devices installed in their fleet, NS Transport can now monitor the vehicle movement and identify which vehicles are in a trip and the trucks available for a delivery. Additionally, the fleet manager at NS Transport can track the progress of a vehicle scheduled for a delivery via the intuitive fleet track module. Here, the distance traveled by the vehicles and estimated time of arrival can be easily fetched.

NS Transport leverages this real-time information for providing instant updates to the customers, thereby providing complete visibility of the orders.

The OBD device does more than just track the vehicle. NS Transport monitors the vehicle health by analyzing the engine condition and identifying issues almost instantly. The fault codes are fetched from the OBD device and sent directly to the Movefleet platform where the fleet manager can take necessary actions to resolve critical issues instantly.

Better inventory management

Where NS Transport lacked the proper platform to stock and purchase spares, the company now leverages the inventory management module to handle all these activities. The fleet manager purchases parts through a paperless process and stocks the parts across different location which is recorded within the platform.

Instead of hoarding deadstock or purchasing existing spares all over again, NS Transport now quickly dispatches available parts to complete work orders. Also, with restock notifications giving a heads-up for fast moving parts, NS Transport no longer faces the problem of running out of important spares.

Better decision-making with analytical reports

The key to successful operations lies within maximum utilization of resources. NS Transport is able to achieve optimal fleet performance by constantly analyzing the daily productivity, the distance travelled by the vehicles and vehicle-based costs. Additionally, driver performance based on their driving behavior and hours-of-service help in identifying top performing individuals.

Apart from this, the company uses historical trip reports to compare business performance over a period of time in order to make necessary decisions for broadening opportunities.


NS Transport has enhanced transparency across the logistics operations. Instead of relying on a chaotic, manual environment, the company manages their wide network of vehicles, drivers and customers on a digital platform.

“Movefleet made it unbelievably simple for us to handle our multiple geography-based operations. Right from handling our vendors to managing customer shipment, we can execute it all, from a single platform.”

About Company

NS Transport, a subsidiary of SVMS Wheel Alignment Centre, provides Full Truckload and Partial Truckload services across the country. With over 30 years of experience in the transportation industry, NS Transport aims to build a nationwide presence with its quality services.