Client Problems

The Gujarat-based dairy business produces 300 litres of milk on a daily basis at its farm. They depend on their fleet to transport the containers to the nearby milk cooperative societies and their partners. Their day-to-day routine of manually dispatching their fleet posed the following challenges:

  • Waiting for the drivers to return from the trip to manually record the journey details.
  • Inefficient, error-prone process of documenting the daily trips into excel sheets.
  • Inability to track delayed deliveries which led to costly spoilage.
  • Unauthorized vehicle usage by the drivers for fulfilling their personal work.


Where the time-sensitive nature of the milk production and distribution industry increased the farm’s liability, the business is now able to ensure on-time deliveries by using Movefleet .

Improving services with real-time dispatch

After switching to Movefleet , the dairy farm has no trouble in ensuring that its daily milk produce reaches the vendors on time. The fleet manager uses the intuitive dispatch platform to add multiple drop-off locations and chooses the fastest route to cover all the vendors. Also by tracking the driver behavior, such as speeding and harsh braking, the fleet manager minimizes unnecessary spillage.

This way, the company is not only able to ensure on-time deliveries, but also protect the produce and the subsequent costs.

Better fleet safety

Earlier, the company struggled to keep a check on unauthorized vehicle usage. Using Movefleet , the fleet manager creates geozones for its depot, farm and distribution hub. So every time a vehicle enters or exits the geographical boundary, the fleet manager receives a notification. There have been many times where the drivers have used the vehicle for their personal commitments during a trip. The fleet manager constantly monitors the vehicle movement to avoid such practices.

This security feature has made it easier for the dairy farm to avoid unnecessary vehicle utilization and its subsequent fuel wastage.

A simple, better way to manage operations

“We were always a little apprehensive about using a technology platform fearing the amount of added effort it would take to make the switch. However, Movefleet put all our concerns at rest. Our team finds it so easy to perform their daily activities through the application.”

With a limited learning curve, the dairy farm was able to easily transition from their manual practices. Everything from assigning the drivers to viewing the historical reports became relatively simple for the company.


With the smooth flow of distribution, the dairy farm is able to drastically improve its service and build a network of satisfied customers. Switching from the process of documenting every information in unorganized excel sheets to an efficient automated platform, the dairy farm now easily evaluates its vehicle productivity, fuel costs, driver wages and overall revenue to have a better understanding of their operations.

About Company

Established in 1972, this family-owned dairy farm produces and distributes high-quality milk across the state. Committed to providing milk in its purest, tastiest form with zero adulteration, the dairy business follows an uncompromising, standardized process for building a healthier tomorrow.

Industry: Food & Beverage
Location: Gujarat, India

“With Movefleet , we had all that we needed to ensure on-time deliveries, identify problem areas and formulate better cost management strategies. From there, we found it easy to keep our profit margin up and our services on par with the industry standards, at all times.”