Client Problems

When the very foundation of a business lies on timely deliveries, there’s no room for error. While the Chennai-based transporter saw operations flowing seamlessly, the profit numbers didn’t match up. The fleet of 75 trucks was the revenue-generating source, but the cost of maintaining the vehicles drained away their profit as well.

  • Irregular maintenance schedules led to increasing vehicle breakdown which made it difficult to make deliveries on time.
  • Rising maintenance costs with no means of evaluating the vehicle health.
  • Unnecessary compensation costs for failing to renew vehicle documents.
  • Unorganized process of identifying vehicle issues and coordinating the damages to the in-house technicians.
  • Inability to evaluate maintenance costs based on historical data due to manual bookkeeping.


Realizing the importance of regular maintenance and the need to control costs, the transporter switched to the Movefleet fleet maintenance platform.

Staying proactive with scheduled maintenance

By adopting Movefleet , the transporter never misses out on important vehicle service and renewals due to the automated reminders. Based on the vehicle health and historical maintenance report, the fleet manager creates a service schedule based on the odometer reading. Now, every 2000 km, the vehicles take a trip to the repair shop for its regular maintenance. And for specific parts, the transporter schedules daily, weekly and monthly maintenance, leaving nothing to chance.

The renewal reminders also ensure that the vehicles are up to date with their vehicle insurance, pollution certificate and the permit.

Connecting all its workforce in a single platform

Unlike earlier, the transporter uses the Movefleet platform to create distinct user roles. By granting and restricting application access based on different users - be it drivers, fleet managers or technicians - the transporter is able to involve the entire organization without compromising on security.

The drivers use the Movefleet mobile application to inspect the vehicles based on the checklist created by the fleet manager. Additionally, the drivers could report any vehicle issue directly to the fleet manager using the mobile app. With instant alerts, the fleet manager can quickly send assistance without disturbing the delivery process.

Earlier, the technicians were unable to access accurate information regarding vehicle issues and often would miss out on crucial fixes. With their own access to the mobile application, the technician can view the detailed vehicle report and easily resolve repairs.

Paving the way for better cost management

Using the analytical reports available on Movefleet , the Indian-based company finds it easier to make data-driven decisions in terms of reducing maintenance costs. Vehicle-based maintenance cost reports help the company to identify poor performing vehicles for immediate replacement. Also, with the comprehensive view of parts-based expenses and regular repairs, the company now has a better control over its expenditure.


With the tedious process of vehicle maintenance sorted, the transport solution provider can now focus better on broadening its operations and keeping up its exemplary standards of delivery.

  • 78% Decrease in vehicle breakdown
  • 32% Reduction in maintenance costs
  • 3X Faster vehicle maintenance process

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This established transport solution provider offers short-haul trucking services for multiple business segments. Ever since 1998, the company lives by the commitment of providing cost-effective solutions of moving goods safely and on time, every time.

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