A connected intelligence that empowers you to manage everything from your fleet, drivers and orders.

  • Ensure on-time

    Ensure on-time deliveries

  • Improve fleet and
                  driver utilization

    Improve fleet and driver utilization

  • Review intelligent

    Review intelligent analytics

  • Pave the way for
                  smarter planning

    Pave the way for smarter planning

  • Boost cost-savings,
                  increase ROI

    Boost cost-savings, increase ROI

Execute order delivery with ease

Execute order delivery with ease

Smart dispatching: Match shipment orders to your fleet based on the payload for faster dispatching.

Choose optimized routes: Use our AI-powered route suggestions to cover maximum locations in the shortest distance possible.

Share trips for enabling visibility: Let your shippers and customers track the shipment from anywhere & anytime.

Monitor driver performance

Monitor driver performance

Improve on-road safety: Keep track of speeding, harsh braking and aggressive driving for improved safety.

Oversee unwanted stops: Eliminate unnecessary delays by controlling unplanned stops and engine idling.

Handle the unexpected: Use one-on-one messaging to update last-minute changes and provide immediate assistance to your drivers.

Gain operational transparency

Gain operational transparency

Analyze daily productivity: Leverage smart analytics to review vehicle productivity and maximize efficiency.

Track expenses generated: Review the costs incurred for a specific period to view cost-saving opportunities.

No more information chaos: Maintain a digital information hub to access crucial data for faster decision-making.