Connecting the dots through intelligence

Movefleet connects shippers, carriers, forwarders and consignees on
a single platform to provide in-transit visibility and empower decision-making.


Mobile-based tracking

Gaining visibility has never been so easy

The supply chain industry is chaotic. Movefleet breaks the operational silos with mobile-based tracking, a simplistic solution that can be adopted by all.

  • Go live within hours - No hardware installation
  • Suited for all businesses - No compatibility issues
  • Low-cost deployment

Visibility hub for all

Switch from fragmented processes to a unified platform built for all your business partners.

  • For Shipper

    For Shipper

    Owner or supplier of
    goods to be delivered
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  • For Carrier

    For Carrier

    Fleet owners who transport
    the shipment
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  • For Forwarder

    For Forwarder

    Middlemen who connect
    shippers & carriers
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  • For Consignee

    For Consignee

    Receiver of the goods
    that are shipped
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  • Innovation your business needs to eliminate guesswork

  • Reduce delays for improved customer experience

  • Mitigate risks with a 360° glance at your business

  • Synchronize operations for faster lead time

  • Access information, all from a single platform

  • Cut down on operational costs due to blind spots

Unlock the infinite potential of your business
with Movefleet today

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