Industry Challenge

Burdened by unfavorable work environment and safety issues, the oil and gas industry suffer from complexities in monitoring and executing operations globally.

Our Solution

Our connected intelligence brings stability to the changing conditions of the business and helps in executing faultless operations with minimum chances of errors.

Paving the way for top-notch service

Leverage our innovative fleet management technology to handle intricate processes with effortless ease

Safer transport Safer transport

Safer transport

Geofence alerts Geofence alerts

Geofence alerts

Compliance-ready Compliance-ready


Safer transport

Select the safest routes to deliver volatile assets and ensure goods safety

Geofence alerts

Get notified whenever your mobile workforce enters the trip site with geozones


Stay compliant by maintaining a paperless record of DVIR, warranties, permits and more

Fleet Management Software for Oil & Gas Industry

A reliable, collaborative platform

Empower your business to take immediate action for unforeseen scenarios and build a safe environment for achieving maximum profitability.

  • Track your fleet in remote locations
  • Streamline pre & post-trip inspections
  • Monitor driving behavior for safety
  • Automate alerts in case of emergencies

Exhibit perfection in your operations

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