Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Movefleet?

Movefleet is a connected intelligence built for fleet management using revolutionary technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and IoT. From GPS vehicle tracking, auto dispatch and scheduling to fleet maintenance, the comprehensive platform lets businesses execute their fleet operations with ease.

2. What are all the features provided on the platform?

Our fleet management software connects all your business processes, right from scheduling daily trips, fleet and vehicle tracking, route planning, fuel management to maintenance schedule. You can get a quick glance of all our features here.

3. How many vehicles can I track using Movefleet?

There is no limitation with the fleet management software. The pricing will be based on the base price multiplied by the number of vehicles your business owns.

4. How is Movefleet different from other fleet management solutions?

Movefleet brings in the newest technologies like Artificial intelligence, big data and IoT to automate complicated business processes.The software is built by integrating advanced features without disturbing the simplistic usability of the fleet management software.

5. How can I maintain my vehicles using Movefleet?

Movefleet lets you keep your vehicles in the best condition by simplifying the process of maintenance scheduling, daily vehicle inspections and issue management. You can plan service schedules to maintain your vehicle in good shape and vehicle inspections can help you avoid unexpected breakdown on the road. Also, your fleet managers can resolve vehicle issues through work order management.

6. Which businesses does Movefleet suit for?

Movefleet is designed to fulfil the business needs of every organization, large and small. Whether you are an enterprise level organization or a small-scale company, Movefleet can be easily tailored to meet your specific requirements. The application of Movefleet lies in various industries including and not limited to logistics, transportation, oil and gas sector, food and beverages and eCommerce.

7. Which hardware devices can be integrated with the platform?

With Movefleet, you will be able to implement GPS tracking, OBD2 devices, fuel sensors and asset trackers. Take a look at all the partners integrated with the Movefleet platform here.

8. How OBD2 devices help in fleet management?

OBD2 or On-board diagnostics 2 is a device that is capable of diagnosing and reporting itself to the connected system. We implement this technology in our fleet management solution to monitor vehicle performance and driver behaviour to improve productivity and driver safety.

10. What is Gamification? How is it useful?

Based on certain user determined factors, the gamification functionality ranks the drivers within your organization. This includes factors such as driving behaviour, job performance and efficiency. By assigning jobs to the highest ranked drivers, a business can provide the best service.

11. How does Movefleet help in expanding your business?

Handling a large-scale business and matching up to the ever-changing conditions of the industry is no easy feat. Movefleet streamlines and automates business processes to reduce workload, improve efficiency and monitor costs to increase returns and productivity.

12. What are the packages available?

Businesses can choose to purchase Movefleet based on the three packages, i.e. XLite, XPro and XIntelligence. Each of the packages come with their set of advanced features that are tailored to enhance your business performance. See the pricing plans here.

13. What are the applications provided with Movefleet?

When you purchase the Movefleet fleet management solution, you will be provided with a driver mobile application, dispatch mobile application and a web-based admin panel.

14. I need additional features for my fleet solution. Can Movefleet help?

Sure. Movefleet considers customization requests. Kindly contact our support team to address your specific requirements. Customisation charges may apply.

15. Can I test the software before the purchase?

Sure. You can request a product demo before purchasing the product. To do so, you can sign up here.